Luv how your skin feels!

Get rid of all the gunk, dirt and layers of dead skin with just a reusable glove and water! Say goodbye to dry and dull skin and hello to silky smooth skin!


  • Pregnancy Safe!

    Cutis Luv exfoliating gloves are safe to use during pregnancy and are even strongly recommended. They remove dead skin cells and impurities to leave skin soft and toned. Exfoliation is a means to improve the skin's elasticity and optimize the absorption of creams that are applied afterward.

    It helps promote skin cell renewal and considerably improves oxygenation of the skin. It also helps keep the skin in good condition as it is put to the ultimate test over the nine months.

  • Safe for Aging Skin!

    We lose that 'youthful glow' as we age because our natural cell-turnover process slows down. This causes dulling dead skin cells to cling to our skin's surface longer. Exfoliation helps coax the inner glow back to the surface by removing all that dry, dull debris and revealing the softer, smoother skin underneath.

    Cutis Luv Exfoliating Glove helps targeted treatments and moisturizers better penetrate the skin; reduces breakout-causing congestion; helps smooth rough, callused areas; and helps prevent ingrown hairs.

Water Activated Fabric!

Premium materials are made from 100% plant-based fibers that are woven in a unique pattern. The gloves rely on the texture of the fabric to give you a deep exfoliation. It sweeps away all the dead and dull skin without the need for harmful chemicals and products. No soaps or scrubs are required. Once activated by water, the fabric will begin to work its magic!